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I am a National Board Certified Teacher who believes in the value of and worth of each child. I have a profound mastery of the 6-8th Grade Reading/Language Arts subject matter, many years of classroom experience, enthusiasm, ability to individualize my teaching.  My skills include the ability to provide interesting, thought-provoking, and varied classroom experiences.

This blog is meant to be a resource for parents and students and act as a bridge to what we are doing in the classroom. Although students are expected to write down their homework assignments in their agenda, feel free to help your child by ensuring that all homework for my class is completed on a timely basis to receive full credit. To view the homework, please click on “Homework” tab at the top and click on Mrs. Hagy’s Daily Agenda. I look forward to a wonderful year with your child!

-Mrs. Hagy, NBCT

Golden Apple Teacher

A summary of last quarter:

Last quarter we delved into reading Deadly by Julie Chibbaro. The novel is set in the 1900′s and deals heavily with the topic of the spread of disease. Students were able to enjoy a cross-curricular unit in which they learned about the Germ Theory of Disease in Science class. Students loved the connections they made in Reading, Language Arts and Science. After reading the novel and learning about the topic in Science, students wrote a five paragraph Literary Analysis Essay in which they examined who they think made the greatest contributions to the development of the Germ Theory of Disease. We also visited the International Museum of Surgical Science. At the museum, students participated in an amputation demonstration set in the 1900′s, a surgical instruments identification excercise, and a hands-on scavenger hunt throughout the museum. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch together at Chipotle. It is sure to be a memorable quarter for my students. I would like to thank the parent chaperones who volunteered and made this a wonderful day for our hard-working, dedicated 7th grade students!

What’s to come this quarter:

As we start the third quarter, we will begin having our classroom debates. The first topic is: Should people be quarantined against their will? Again, the novel we read last quarter, students’ profound knowledge on the topic along with their research will serve to gear students in their debates. This higher-order thinking activity is meant to teach students the importance of making cross-curricular connections and reinforce public speaking, participation and collaboration skills. It is sure to be interesting and fun for students. Ms. Onofrio and Mr. Brandon will be special guests in the audience!

According to the Winter MAP test, my students have made fantastic gains on the MAP Reading test. I am so proud of all of them and their dedication. I am still in the process of conferencing with students one-on-one to help guide them as they continue to grow and flourish. Students are incredibly confident and receptive as they learn new reading skills and apply new concepts in both Reading and Writing. They are truly amazing, talented individuals with so much to share! I look forward to this quarter and the the fourth quarter to come. After we finish reading Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan, students will begin reading No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare along with No Fear Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They are thrilled for what is to come and so am I! Thank you parents and guardians for your continued support at home! Please contact me with any questions regarding the curriculum , your child’s progress this year, or any other questions you may have. The best time to meet with me one-on-one is at 7:30 am. Please contact me via phone call or email to set up a meeting time. My contact information is on the “Contact” tab. Thank you and I look forward to this quarter!!!





I recently created a Donor’s Choose fund raiser for a novel unit titled: Learning About Cultures Through House on Mango Street. I have taught this novel to eighth graders for many years and it is time to upgrade the aging copies we currently have. These novels will be utilized next year with the current seventh graders. Please consider giving. We are almost at our goal and are very close to obtaining 95 new copies of the novel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you (including current 8th graders) who have already made donations to this project!

A word about the after school program:

I will be teaching two classes in the after school program (for 7th graders only):

Tuesday’s: Debate Class

Thursday’s: Fitness/Nutrition Class

Want to sign up? The blue sign-up sheets went home last week. I can provide you with a new copy if you need one.

Look at what we are reading this quarter: